Monday, February 14, 2011

SKWID Training

I just returned mid-week last week from the very intense, very fast paced SKWID training required of all CUSO-VSO volunteer newbies, otherwise known as the Skills for Working in International Development or Preparing for Change training in Ottawa, Canada. I must say, my brain is still processing all of the information and skills we practiced using role plays. The two trainers covered a LOT of different topics related to interpersonal skills, living in a different culture, and learning to manage emotions in the context of different surroundings. To belabor an obvious goal, the training forced us to imagine ourselves in different scenarios while in volunteering in our respective placements.

We ate well, became better acquainted, and fretted over our personal worries. We came from different parts of North America and Europe and are also headed to different parts of the globe. One volunteer, in fact, flew directly to Mongolia immediately after our five day training; she arrived safely.

But, now, I'm back in Sunderland, preparing my documents for entry into Zambia and planning my luggage. Pretty soon, you'll be reading more details about my work there.

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