Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Today is Tuesday. One more day towards my departure on Thursday, February 17th for Zambia. I received word from my advisor that I will be placed in the Chipata District instead to help strengthen municipal planning and to assist the planners working there. Meanwhile, I am gradually moving towards completion of my preparation, including temporarily suspending my cell phone service until August, at minimum. Tomorrow will involve more packing and  errands-running to facilitate my transition to the Chipata District.

Here is an update on my fundraising activity. I finally checked my company e-mail and found a message there from Byron Koh, who informed me that he is sending a $50 contribution to CUSO-VSO. The amount helped me to break the $400 threshold, bringing my grand total raised to $435. Thank you, Byron. I am as always grateful for any help.

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Monique said...

Safe travels!! Keep us updated and post lots of photos!