Thursday, February 17, 2011


So, the last few hours were a little hectic and filled with travel. I was dropped off at the Amherst Center at 8:30a.m this morning (2/17/2011), where I sipped a cup of coffee at Amherst Coffee, but the last several hours have been spent transferring from the bus to the subway to the AirTrain, before finally disembarking at Terminal 7.

I've just had a nice club sandwich at Starbucks and am a bit groggy from the Sam Adams pint I nursed a few hours ago. I think I might nap a few minutes at my gate before my flight boards. The time now reads 8:56p.m and I still have about an hour and a half to ward off before I am in flight.

There was a bit of hesitation on the part of the British Airways ticketing agent about my flight in light of the Homeland Security rules, but after much explaining and some verification of my documents and my placement with Lusaka, I was allowed through and am now swettled in at the airport. Airports - where I feel I am living now after two weeks of going in and out of them.

The long process of waiting for a placement is finally over. It was worth it for this opportunity. 

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